Sunday, 26 March 2017

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Paintings for a Successful, Balanced and harmonious Life

If you are looking for a promotion, pay increase, more interesting work or a change of job and career, happy family life and good health, then you need to activate or enhance key sectors of your home. Fengshui and Vaastu both are based on science that seek to identify and harness the energies of the universe to improve the outcome for individuals. They are tools to improve luck.

 Paintings in the North (for Career)
The north sector of your house represents your career area. Anything to do with water is good here. You should hang paintings of waterfall, Koi fish or Gold Fish to activate this area.

Paintings in the North West (for decision making and growth)
The energy found in North West sector will help with decisiveness, determination and authority. You can activate this area with the religious painting of God and objects like Sriyantra, Sukh Samruddhii Yantra, Navgraha Yantra, SuryaYantra and Kuber Yantra.

Paintings in the south (for success & fame)
If you are looking for recognition and fame at your workplace, then you need to activate the South sector of your home. This zone represents popularity and sociability. Fire is the main element and activator in this sector. Paintings of eight galloping horses or seven galloping horse is ideal for activating this

Paintings in the East (for family & health)
This direction is not only for health and family but it brings the most Chi or growth chi so it is ideal for ambition and growth also. This is a wood area so painting of a bamboo plant, floral painting, painting of a water body would be a great addition.

Paintings in the southeast (wealth & prosperity)
If you want to grow as a person and attract more of the good things in life then you need to activate south- east area of your house. This is again a wood area therefore paintings of bamboo plant, water bodies are ideal for this zone.


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