Sunday, 26 March 2017

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Paintings for a Successful, Balanced and harmonious Life

If you are looking for a promotion, pay increase, more interesting work or a change of job and career, happy family life and good health, then you need to activate or enhance key sectors of your home. Fengshui and Vaastu both are based on science that seek to identify and harness the energies of the universe to improve the outcome for individuals. They are tools to improve luck.

 Paintings in the North (for Career)
The north sector of your house represents your career area. Anything to do with water is good here. You should hang paintings of waterfall, Koi fish or Gold Fish to activate this area.

Paintings in the North West (for decision making and growth)
The energy found in North West sector will help with decisiveness, determination and authority. You can activate this area with the religious painting of God and objects like Sriyantra, Sukh Samruddhii Yantra, Navgraha Yantra, SuryaYantra and Kuber Yantra.

Paintings in the south (for success & fame)
If you are looking for recognition and fame at your workplace, then you need to activate the South sector of your home. This zone represents popularity and sociability. Fire is the main element and activator in this sector. Paintings of eight galloping horses or seven galloping horse is ideal for activating this

Paintings in the East (for family & health)
This direction is not only for health and family but it brings the most Chi or growth chi so it is ideal for ambition and growth also. This is a wood area so painting of a bamboo plant, floral painting, painting of a water body would be a great addition.

Paintings in the southeast (wealth & prosperity)
If you want to grow as a person and attract more of the good things in life then you need to activate south- east area of your house. This is again a wood area therefore paintings of bamboo plant, water bodies are ideal for this zone.
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Sunday, 19 March 2017

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What is Koi Fish Legend?
According to a very old Japanese legend Koi fish are found in the Yellow River where they are often seen swimming bravely upstream. The part of the river where the waterfall flows is exceptionally difficult to pass and the Koi fish swim in opposite direction of the water. It is said that the Koi is brave and can surpass this hurdle at most times. If they fail, they are either caught or pushed back downstream. The Japanese legend claims that once the Koi fish pass this hurdle they are transformed into mythical creatures called as dragons and this marks the end of their struggle.

What does Koi Fish Canvas Painting represent in Fengshui?
Going by the saying, Koi fish are very brave by nature and therefore they represent courage and determination. They fight their way upstream to achieve their target. It is said that this action of the Koi is analogous to human suffering and the toil which human's see in their lives. These attributes of the Koi fish are seen in many humans who are extremely driven by nature and want to make something of their lives or achieve certain goals.
Another very important thing that Koi fish stand for is status and wealth. In Chinese culture Koi fish represent ‘abundance .Koi fish paintings can attract flow of wealth and luck if placed at appropriate places in the home or business.
Apart from the fact that they beautify the house, a lot of people believe in the Koi’s abilities to ward off bad omen and attract wealth and happiness. The Japanese and the Chinese strongly believe that a Koi fish Painting at home can bring good fortune and good health to the owner.

What kind of Koi Fish Painting is Ideal?

If you wish to have luck and wealth on your side, then a painting of eight red and white Koi Fish is ideal. The number eight stands for prosperity in feng shui practices. Red koi symbolizes true love while white on the other hand is a symbol of progress in career. So, a painting with red and white color koi fish will result in perfect balance and harmony in your family as well as professional life.

Buying Koi Fish Canvas Painting Online:
With internet at your fingertips, it is very easy and convenient to buy Koi fish painting from online art galleries. If you have no idea or you are not sure about what kind of Koi Fish painting will enhance your walls, just check an online art gallery and choose your favorite koi fish canvas paintings from thousands of available designs.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

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FengShui Paintings for Abundance and Prosperity

FengShui Paintings for Abundance and Prosperity
In FengShui, there is a symbol for everything. FengShui symbols are effective because each and every symbol resonate certain energy. The use of FengShui symbols depend on the kind of energy you would love to attract in your home. Another important aspect of FengShui symbols is that they connect with your personal energy culminating into your beliefs and ultimately shaping up your life. Placing a painting of fengshui symbols in your house or office is the easiest, most convenient and beautiful way to attract ‘Chi’ energy.
FengShui Paintings for Abundance and Prosperity:
Painting of Koi/ GoldFish:
Fish is considered as the symbol of abundance and prosperity in Fengshui- especially Koi Fish and Gold Fish. Koi fish symbolizes status and wealth while gold fish symbolizes prosperity, energy and good fortune. The combination of nine fishes is considered to be the best as number nine is the auspicious number in Fengshui. The combination includes- eight red koi or gold fishes and one black fish. The purpose of one black goldfish is to absorb any negative energy that enters your home. The black goldfish therefore becomes a symbol of protection. The southeastern corner of your home is the best place to place your fish painting because that area governs your cash flow.

                      Painting of Waterfall/ Fountain:
In FengShui, Water symbolizes wealth and prosperity. A painting of a waterfall or a fountain brings the energy of water. Flowing water can ease tensions and allow the vibrations of the life force to enter your space and bring flow of money. The fengshui water painting in the north will help to channelize positive energy towards business and career.  

    Painting of Bamboo Plant:

In Fengshui , Wood symbolizes wealth, luck, health and longevity. Painting of bamboo plant is good for bringing luck to a house, growth in life, wealth and relationships. Bamboo stands for the earth, the greenery of earth and the nourishment provided by the same. It is a tree that nourishes and protects, hence it is a symbol of protection also. There are no restrictions on where to keep the bamboo symbol
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