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How A Painting Can Change Vaastu Of Your Home :

How A Painting Can Change Vaastu Of Your Home :

Do you think a painting is just a piece of art meant for decorating your house

Read  And Find Out!!! 

We lead hectic lives and are a busy bunch; not realizing how the surroundings influence us but it is a fact that every single object around, has its own energy, aura and vibe –since it invokes feelings (positive and negative), connected to the occupants culture, personal life and likes, wishes and desires too.

 Does a painting make a difference?

Paintings and portraits play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vaastu - shastra. In Vaastu, paintings can influence and support energies; bringing in plenty of luck across spheres, such as finance, education, relationships, health, children and social status-quo, amongst many others. A Vaastu painting not only invokes a spark and a touch of elegance to the house, but would bring in positive vibes and energies too.

Paintings in  vaastu and Feng Shui play an important role for your homes and offices – especially when you cannot alter the structure or the colors around. A balance can be attained when the 5 elements (water, metal, earth, wood and fire) are in harmony – Feng Shui paintings can help achieve them all.

How a painting can make a difference?Here are few examples


For money and finance –Paintings such as a ‘waterfall’, ‘Goldfish’, ‘Flowing River’ , ‘seven horse painting’ are symbols of prosperity, career enhancement and good luck. Some even use pictures of ‘endless straight paths and roads’ – symbolising plenty of opportunities ahead.

For health and well being-  It is advised to have a painting of evergreen bamboo in the eastern sector – the painting invokes good health and happiness all year round.

Relationships – Relationships can be improved using paintings of birds and flowers, hearts, romantic scenes, happy couple photos and more.

      Do’s and Don’ts :

As per Vaastu and Fengshui , there are some do’s and don’ts about paintings that you should keep in mind.

 Do’s :

1)   Select a painting that  inspires you : The artwork should invoke vibrant and soothing energy once you look at the picture. Some of the best options are to place the pictures of a group of running horses, sunrise, an ocean, a sea, mountains, waterfalls, gold, laughing Buddha, flowers and laughing children as these photos bring a feeling of peace of mind when you look at them.

2)   Direction in which a painting is placed :Direction in which a painting is placed plays a vital role in imparting the full impact of a painting on the vaastu of your home or office. It is mandatory to have an idea of direction in which a particular painting is placed in vaastu.

Don’ts :

1)   Do not place the photos of the departed souls in the pooja rooms as it is considered as inauspicious according to vaastu.

2)   Do not have the photos or pictures or paintings of a crying old woman, war, poverty, depressing pictures, or pictures of people fighting, struggling, angry people, eagles, battle scenes, and carnivorous animals in your home or office .

3)   Do not place the photos of Gods in the Bedroom, and any pictures which show death, violence and negative aspects of life in the home or office.

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